The Celtic Mission
Our mission is to provide a player-centered development program for all players to reach their fullest potential while creating a passion for the game of soccer.  We strive to be the best community based club in the Northwest suburbs.

The Celtic Philosophy 
Our soccer philosophy will create confident people both on and off the soccer field.  The Celtic SC Philosophy incorporates a player-centered approach that develops the Celtic player with the technical mastery and the soccer IQ to become skillfull, creative players on the soccer field.  Our philosophy is centered around the core values of: 

Igniting a feeling in our players, parents, and staff that soccer is a great game and should be enjoyed.

Treating others how you want to be treated on and off the field.

Development of the players, coaches, and parents to come together to achieve our goals as a club.

Dedication and patience by our players, parents, and staff to the process of creating strong soccer players and kind human beings.

The attitude to be your best self on and off the field whether you're a parent, player, or coach.