Game assignments

* * Time Sheets are processed every two weeks * *

1) Supervisor is:   Carsten Gruettner.

2) Employee number: Check your ARBITER "MY Account", <custom Fields> link to see if your PPD 4 or 6 digit number is there... otherwise leave it blank. when I see a blank, I will find it, and update your MY Account>custom field entry.

3) Period Ending can just be: 'SPRING 18"

4) Enter games in the order listed in Arbiter.  IF you make a mistake and a game is out of order... don't sweat it, I will deal with it.. not a big deal. But, try keep them in the same order as listed in Arbiter.  If you are reporting more than 9 games, you enter 9 games on one time sheet (number of games is: 9), then start another time sheet... and the number of games is the amount on that next time sheet.

5) If you don't remember your partners, you can leave blank. again not a big deal. (NOTE) Click on the Arbiter game number... it usually will list all the refs on the game.

6) No Bonus for Fall games but in December look to sign up for the recertification clinic we have in Palatine....Usually scheduled the 2nd Sunday in February.  If you have both a 2017 patch, and recertified for a 2018 patch, you can write "Recertnext to the number of games worked. You can get $5 bonus for SPRING 18 games (up to 10) worked for PPD, if you recertified.

7) Finally, if you accidentally put CLUB AR assignments from Elite (Rolling Meadows) or BASA (Barrington), on the PPD time sheet, I will cross them off for you.... not a big deal.

Please DO NOT Leave the timesheet at the PPD, if a timesheet is at the office, they will be picked up once a month durring the Celtic Board meeting.  PLease use the Google form linked on your front page in Arbiter. 

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The Celtic referee program uses, “ArbiterOne”, an assigning system that provides an easy to use email and web system to schedule and accept all referee assignments. This tool also sends out reminders 72 hours prior to assignments.

Once you have attended the Spring (or) Fall local youth referee meeting, you will receive an invitation to join the Arbiter "Palatine Area Assigning" referee community/group. 

After accepting and completing your house assignments, you are required to turn in your games on the PPD Soccer Referee Timesheet. (see link in Arbiter)  Your payment is determined by the age group and position of your assignment.  The current payment schedule provides you with an overview of the rates for your assignments for House and Travel AR (See "Referee Information" link below).

For questions or more information, please contact Celtic Soccer Club referee director:  Carsten Gruettner.